2017 APDU Data Viz Awards

APDU Data Viz Awards: Call for Visualizations!

The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) is pleased to announce our second annual Data Viz Awards. APDU is once again soliciting creative and meaningful graphic designs that use publicly-available data (for example, data from the Census Bureau or Bureau of Labor Statistics) to convey a compelling point or story.

About the Award

APDU started the Data Viz Awards in response to our members’ growing need to communicate their data and research to a variety of audiences using graphic technologies and cutting edge techniques. APDU hopes to engage data users and help them understand and share data for analysis and decision making.

The Data Viz Awards take pride in recognizing eye-catching and easy-to-comprehend images building on publicly-available data. Click here to view the award-winning visualizations from the 2016 APDU Data Viz Awards.

Winners will be invited to present at the  2017 APDU Annual Conference on September 14, 2017 in Arlington, VA. Winners in the “Researchers & Students” category will also receive a free APDU membership for 2018.

What We’re Looking For

APDU will select creative and compelling images, in four categories:

  1. State/Local Government;
  2. Federal Government;
  3. Private firms, which can include consultancies, advocacy groups, or any other private firms using public data; and
  4. Researchers & Students, which can include any visuals published or formally presented by researchers or students in higher education, think tanks, research organizations, or similar.

Submissions must have been made publicly available between June 2016 and May 2017. We are accepting submissions that appeared in a published research paper or article either in print or on the web, in a public presentation, as a stand-alone infographic, as a website feature, and/or as another official product.

Extended Deadline: Friday, July 14, 2017