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2021 APDU Data Viz Award Winners

APDU is pleased to announce the winners of this years Data Viz Awards. APDU gives annual awards to creative and meaningful graphic designs that use publicly available data (for example, data from the Census Bureau or Bureau of Labor Statistics) to convey a compelling point or story.

July 26, 2021
Why Attend the Conference? Learn About New Datasets

Why attend APDU’s annual conference? You can learn more about publicly available datasets like the two described in this article.

July 21, 2021
What I wish I knew when I started: What is the federal statistical system?

APDU Board Member Beth Jarosz provides a great overview of the Federal Statistical System in this blog post. She discusses how the agencies are interrelated and how many ways there are for data users to keep up on—and sometimes influence—the changes in the data systems we rely on.

June 30, 2021