State Courts and Using Data for Good

2:00 pm EDT


State Courts and Using Data for Good: How well do you know your local and state courts? The courts can play a critical role in helping to solve complex social and policy problems, but there are some things you need to know and some strategies to employ to make that happen. Courts generate a lot of data. We will help you understand what they do and don’t have, how to get it, and what to do with it. Oh, and we will tell bad jokes.
Presenters: Zach Zarnow, Deputy Managing Director & Danielle Hirsch, Managing Director, The National Center for State Courts Access to Justice team
Bio: Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow together lead NCSC’s Access to Justice team. They work nationally with state and local courts to improve their operations to allow for people without lawyers, people with disabilities and language access needs, and the general public to better solve their legal problems. In addition to that, they have created what is recognized the world over as the greatest short form video series about state courts, Tiny Chats.