Data Storytelling Award Winner: A Closer Look at Confederate Memorialization in the US

3:00 pm EDT

The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) is pleased to share this year’s APDU Data Storytelling Award-winning presentation on Challenging Neutrality: A Closer Look at Confederate Memorialization in the US. By leveraging data visualization and a wide variety of data sources (including SPLS’s Whose Heritage dataset, demographic data, and archival information), Professors Sara Queen and Tania Allen, along with their team at NC State University, showed that the construction of confederate memorials coincided with myriad tactics of oppression, from the deployment of the Lost Cause narrative to Jim Crow segregation policies to reactionary protests of the Civil Rights Movement. The APDU Data Storytelling Awards are designed to recognize the very best in data storytelling. Each nominee has used data in compelling and unique ways to raise awareness about important issues, enable equitable decision-making, spur action, and make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

Sara Queen, Associate Professor of Architecture, College of Design, NC State University

Tania Allen, Associate Professor of Art + Design, College of Design, NC State University

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