Kudos to the Office of the US Chief Statistician!!


Katherine K. Wallman

Chief Statistician of the United States (1992-2017)

APDU Board Member (2018 – 2022)

The website StatsPolicy.gov was officially launched in April 2023. The site begins, “Welcome to StatsPolicy.gov, the home of the U.S. Federal statistical system. StatsPolicy.gov brings together important information about our interwoven Federal statistical system, including our members, priorities, and activities across the Federal Government.”

Welcome, indeed!

While the site has sections that highlight community news and upcoming events, as well as links to various statistical agencies and data sources, its heart – in my view – is the information it brings together on the Relevant Laws, Policies, and Guidance webpage. These components “are foundational for the key responsibilities of the Office of the Chief Statistician of the United States; statistical agencies, units, and programs; Statistical Officials; and agencies across the Federal Government.” There is also the Statistical System-Wide Products webpage that includes periodic and one-time collaborative undertakings by the agencies of the statistical system to promote understanding of its initiatives, priorities, budgets, and activities.

To those of us long experienced in the Federal statistical system, it is welcome news that this fundamental collection of key sources and resources will now be readily available to all in a single click. For those less familiar, a journey to locate these valuable and often unknown underpinnings of the Nation’s statistical infrastructure will be an order of magnitude simpler and satisfying.

Congratulations to all who played a role!