APDU Conference: Learn About Data Visualization


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Many of us remember a time not that long ago when we could provide users of our work a table or a spreadsheet, perhaps a few simple graphs, and then call it a day.  Those times are long gone.  Over the past several years those of us who work with data have experienced a major change in expectations among consumers of our work.  Just providing the data is no longer enough.  Users want and expect to see what the data looks like in a more literal way.  More and more, they have come to rely graphic representation to help interpret results and draw conclusions.  APDU has responded by focusing attention on the process of visualizing data, through our Data Viz Awards, our popular training class on Excel and Tableau, and through a session at our upcoming conference.

What key decisions do we need to make to create a successful data visualization?  How can you use data to help drive the story you want to tell?   More importantly, how can we use visualizations to help drive the decision making process?

At the upcoming APDU conference session on “Lessons from the Data Visualization Process” we will hear from three experience and accomplished speakers who have recently developed successful data visualizations.  They will talk about their experience choosing the right tools, making them work for the project, building the visualizations, and how they then used the results to communicate their work to a wider audience.

Intrigued? Join us in Arlington , VA on July 17 and 18, 2018 at APDU’s Annual Conference to learn how to get started on building your next great data viz!