Why Should You Attend the APDU Annual Conference?


The 2017 APDU Annual Conference, to be held on September 13-14, 2017 in Arlington, VA, has something for everyone. Our breakout sessions on data integration, innovation, and communication were submitted by a talented group of APDU members and reflect the topics on the minds of our membership. The Washington Briefing will provide an update on legislative and Trump Administration issues regarding public data. Our second annual Data Viz Awards will show attendees innovative ways of presenting the results of their research. Other sessions will feature leaders from the Census Bureau, BLS, BEA, and NCHS to speak on the futures of their agencies.


APDU has many different types of members, and there are excellent reasons for each type to attend the Annual Conference.

Federal Agencies

  • Gain feedback on your data programs from knowledgeable users of public data.
  • Learn from and collaborate with other federal statistical agencies.
  • Suggested session: “Data Integration to Improve Program Effectiveness” will examine how Federal agencies use administrative data for evaluation and research.

State/Local Government

  • Discover how other local governments are using and disseminating data programs.
  • Learn how administrative data and the federal and state level will help your work.
  • Suggested session: “Applied Uses of Integrated Administrative Data – State and Local Initiatives” on how public agencies and non-profits are seeking ways to link data across using public and administrative data to create greater value in analyzing policies and evaluating programs.

Nonprofits/Research Organizations

  • Learn how other organizations are conducting research and presenting their findings.
  • Identify new data sources and research methods that can supplement your research.
  • Suggested session: “New (Innovative) Tools and Techniques to Empower Policymakers and the Public” will demonstrate a text-mining tool to pull insights from federal regulations, among other interesting innovations in analysis.


  • Engage with potential clients in a forum that emphasizes networking and conversation.
  • Discover new data sets and methods that can supplement your proprietary data products.
  • Suggested session: “Census Bureau: Today and Tomorrow” will present on the new data.census.gov platform that will change how businesses access important Census data, updates for the decennial Census, and more.


  • Learn about new and updated federal data programs and how they will benefit your students and faculty.
  • Connect with peers for opportunities to collaborate and share tricks of the trade.
  • Suggested session: “Enhancing Data Literacy” is designed to help you teach novice data users how to engage with unfamiliar data sources.

These are just some of many good reasons to attend the 2017 APDU Annual Conference.
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