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Public Data University (PDU) is a repository of webinars, presentations, and other resources on public data produced by the Federal Statistical system. APDU Members can access PDU to deepen their knowledge behind the public data of which they analyze.

The Federal Statistical System

The Federal Statistical System (FSS) is the engine for the collection, compilation, processing, and analysis of information for statistical purposes in the United States. Composed of 13 principal statistical agencies (PSA) as well as 96 other statistical programs throughout the Executive Branch, the FSS forms the foundation for national evidence building. Each agency and program play a vital role in collecting, producing, and disseminating data that the public, businesses, and governments use to make informed decisions. These stakeholders rely on and bestow trust in the FSS to provide accurate, timely, objective, and relevant information.

A Federal PSA is an agency or organizational unit of the Executive Branch whose activities are predominantly the collection, compilation, processing, or analysis of information for statistical purposes. The 13 PSAs listed below produce a substantial portion of U.S. official statistics.

Ninety-six additional programs across a broad array of centers, institutes, offices, and organizations in the Executive Branch conduct at least $3.0 million in annual statistical activities. These statistical programs are typically components within Federal departments or other agencies that conduct a variety of evidence-building functions, including program evaluation, scientific research, data collection, policy and program analysis, and the provision of funding and other support for external research. Information on these data, as well as topics not limited to a specific agency, are categorized below under Miscellaneous.

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Principal Statistical Agencies

Below you will find a list of PSAs with links to their individual pages, each including a link to its main webpage, an overview of the statistics it collects and impacts, a shortlist of the agency’s primary data sources and programs, and APDU’s curated resources featuring the PSA.

Bureau of the Census


Bureau of Economic Analysis


Bureau of Justice Statistics


Bureau of Labor Statistics


Bureau of Transportation Statistics


Economic Research Service


Energy Information Administration


National Agricultural Statistics Service


National Center for Education Statistics


National Center for Health Statistics


National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics


Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics


Internal Revenue Service – Statistics of Income Division