The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS): Survey Design, Data Access, and Its Utility in Assessing the Impact of the Changes

3:00 pm EST

Webinar recordings and presentations are available to Members.

Changes in the health care system, in population composition, and in risk factors have increased the need for data to identify and address health issues and to guide public health and health care policy and programs. Participants will learn about the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), one of the major household surveys conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. In recent years, the NHIS has been enhanced to capture data for emerging issues in population health and health care. Content will include how the NHIS is conducted, what data are available, how to access these data, what publications feature these data, and how it has been used to monitor the effects of recent changes in the health care system.

Stephen J. Blumberg, Associate Director for Science, National Center for Health Statistics
Colleen N. Nugent, Survey Statistician, National Center for Health Statistics