Special Topics and Emerging Issues in Public Data: Introducing the Commerce Data Service

3:00 pm EST

Webinar recordings and presentations are available to Members.

The US Department of Commerce has long been in the business of data collection, processing and dissemination that touches almost every facet of American life. A natural evolutionary step for the Department is to ensure that the analytical and technologist public is able to maximally benefit from open data, whether it is to strengthen the economy or to better study and understand society. The Commerce Data Service (CDS), a new data-centric startup team within the Office of the Secretary, has launched the Commerce Usability Project, a wide ranging effort designed to:

  • Illustrate data use cases including new algorithms, visualizations, discovery or other applications;
  • Develop reference or tutorial code to help the power-user public to start using data for analysis or software development; and
  • Provide feedback and user stories centered on general data usability.

Satellite imagery, demographic data and cybersecurity vulnerabilities represent just a sampling of the myriad use cases and potential applications. In this session, the CDS provides an in-depth overview of the user-centric offerings of this growing effort and outlines a vision for data usability in the public sector.

Jeffrey Chen, Chief Data Scientist, US Department of Commerce
Star Ying, Data Scientist, US Department of Commerce