Measuring America on the Move: Free and Accessible Data on Travel Patterns

3:00 pm EDT

Webinar recordings and presentations are available to Members.

Surveys about personal travel provide robust information about socio-demographic characteristics of persons and workers, combined with household characteristics such as income and vehicle availability, access to transit, and measurement of their actual travel. These data are used to analyze trends in travel behavior and to forecast travel to estimate congestion, fuel consumption, air quality, social equity, and many other purposes.

This webinar will showcase two of the foremost national datasets on personal travel: the Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP) which is based on the American Community Survey focusing on the commute; and the National Household Travel Survey which includes all trip purposes. The webinar will also introduce the Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC). Regional and State agencies also conduct travel surveys. Those surveys which have included a GPS component are now accessible at the TSDC, which maintains the security of the data, but provides access without requiring travel to Colorado.

Elaine Murakami, Community Planner, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Planning
Penelope Weinberger, CTPP Program Manager, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
Adella Santos, NHTS Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Highway Policy Information
Jasmy Methipara, NHTS Research Analyst, MacroSys
Jeff Gonder, Senior Engineer, Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory