Law as data: Coding legal text using Public Health Law Research’s LawAtlas

2:00 pm EDT

Webinar recordings and presentations are available to Members.

LawAtlas is a website designed to facilitate the construction and display of quantitative legal datasets, enabling researchers to create custom web pages that allow users to interact with data and the associated legal texts through queries and maps. LawAtlas.org includes a web-based content management system called Workbench developed to provide a platform for accurately and efficiently compiling legal texts and coding their features.

This webinar will look at two unique datasets constructed using the LawAtlas Workbench system, and will demonstrate the complexity and value of systematically collecting and coding statutes, regulations and case law. Sarah Happy, JD will present “Wages and Health,” a dataset of state and federal minimum wage laws from a 30-year period that examines the role of minimum wage rates as a social determinant of health. Steve Latham, JD, PhD will share “Criminalization of HIV Transmission and Exposure,” a dataset that compiles data from HIV/AIDS-specific criminal statutes and reported cases that use the defendant’s HIV status as an element of crime as a reason to elevate or enhance a charge or as a factor in justifying enhanced sentencing.