Government Data and Confidentiality: Compatible Companions With the Help of Statistical Disclosure Control

1:00 pm EDT

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Confidentiality and government data go hand in hand. Get an in-depth glimpse of practical Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) treatments that you, as a data producer, can use when working with government data to address confidentiality concerns, or you, as a data user, should be aware of. This webinar will provide practical insights to balance disclosure risk, data utility, and other issues relating to operational feasibility, budget, and timelines. The webinar will also set the stage with items to be aware of before, during, and even after data collection. Since data dissemination modes and types of access vary, discussants will also delve into the unique SDC treatments to use for various scenarios. The webinar will wrap up with additional topics from the data user perspective relating to this important issue, including communication that balances the highly technical and the somewhat less technical in terms of answering questions relating to data training and documentation.

Tom Krenzke, Associate Director, Statistics Group, Westat
Clara Reschovsky, Survey Analyst, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments