Federal Spending in the States

3:00 pm EST

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The federal government makes outlays of over $3 trillion in the states each year, but the actual amount distributed in each state can vary significantly. Nationally, federal spending in the states was equivalent to 19 percent of total state economic activity in fiscal year 2013, but it ranged from 32.9 percent in Mississippi to 11.6 percent in Wyoming. The Pew Charitable Trusts’ fiscal federalism initiative has pulled together several data sources to produce a 50-state analysis of federal spending, filling in the significant data gap left when the U.S. Census Bureau discontinued the Consolidated Federal Funds Report in 2012.

This webinar will draw on the new report to show how both the total amount and mix of federal spending on salaries, contracts, grants and benefits payments to individuals vary widely from state to state. The webinar will also explain the sources Pew used to match the data once provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Sam Rosen-Amy, Associate, Pew Charitable Trusts