CTPP: A Special Tabulation of US Census ACS data, and the Program Built Around It

3:00 pm EDT

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The Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP) program is an umbrella program of data products, custom tabulations, training, technical assistance, and research for the transportation community. CTPP uses the American Community Survey (ACS). ACS requires accumulation of data over multiple years for tabulation for small geographic units.

Census data on demographic characteristics, home and work locations and journey to work travel flows are key inputs to a variety of state, regional and local transportation policy and planning efforts. They also support corridor and project studies, environmental analyses and emergency operations management.

In 1990, 2000, and 2006, AASHTO partnered with the states on pooled fund projects to support the development of these special census products and data tabulations for transportation. Since 2012, CTPP has been an ongoing Technical Service Program of AASHTO. This presentation covers a bit of history, a bit of data nuance and the current direction of the CTPP.

Penelope Weinberger , CTPP Program Manager, AASHTO