Census Bureau Seeks Input on Plans to Re-Envision its Data Enterprise

3:00 pm EDT

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The U.S. Census Bureau is seeking input to evolving a data enterprise to support relevant, timely, and equitable statistical products. Data science innovations are creating an incredible opportunity to break free from the limitations of survey production and design and integrate survey data with public and third-party data sources. Instead of limiting ourselves to the data our surveys produce, we can flip the paradigm to design statistical products based on what data users need.

The Census Bureau plans to re‑envision its data enterprise based on a statistical product‑first approach. Key components in this approach include identifying the purposes and uses our data are to support, collaborating with data users to develop products using ALL data assets available, and expanding dissemination modalities to support stakeholder needs at diverse levels of data acumen. Come join our journey to modernize and transform our official statistical infrastructure today!


Sallie Ann Keller, Ph.D., Associate Director and Chief Scientist, U.S. Census Bureau

Sara Sullivan, Program Analyst, U.S. Census Bureau

Erika H. Becker-Medina, Research and Methodology Directorate, U.S. Census Bureau