APDU Lunch and Learn: 2020 Population – What Do We Know Now?

12:00 pm EST

Due to pandemic impacts such as a lack of nonresponse follow-up for several months in 2020, there are concerns about the availability of ACS 1-year and 5-year estimates. In this session, we will take stock of where we are: what has Census said, what do we not yet know, and what should we pay attention to? This webinar is an opportunity for state and local governments and other researchers to learn about the implications of these data disruptions and delays.

Dave van Riper from the Minnesota Population Center will be discussing the history of decennial census data releases, highlighting how this year is different.  Dave will give an overview of how 2020 may have a reduction in geographic detail and suppress tables that had been produced in the past.  He will walk through some examples, and also discuss the causes of delays and content reductions.


  • Amy O’Hara, Research Professor, Massive Data Institute, McCourt School of Public Policy
  • Dave van Riper, Director of Spatial Analysis, Minnesota Population Center

Registration Price:

  • Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $50