Celebrate Diversity: Learn- APDU/CIC Virtual Symposium




Virtual Symposium

Celebrate Diversity – Learn

The APDU/CIC Virtual Symposium has three powerful sessions on the agenda representing equity through data:

Data to Understand Racial Disparities and Impacts

Leveraging Data Resources and Dashboards to Drive Equity Policy

Democratizing Data for Equitable and Resilient Communities

The Census Bureau carefully words questions on race and ethnicity to most accurately reflect reality. With proposed changes on tap, what would this mean for public data on race and ethnicity?

Audience members will learn about rich data sources, including the National Equity Atlas and Native American Labor Market Dashboard, to measure progress on equity goals.

Both the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) and Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) ensure communities have access to data and the skills to use information to advance equity and wellbeing across neighborhoods. (Read more)

About the Symposium:

The Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) and Association for Public Data Users (APDU) are combining dates for a virtual symposium exploring the effective use of data for transformational change. The theme for the 2022 CIC Symposium is Methods, Metrics, & Measurements for Community Resiliency and Equity for All. The symposium is a valuable and affordable opportunity to learn about critical data sources, leading edge research techniques, and to interact with experts from two leading organizations about positioning your research to create change for the future. Whether it’s responding to the impacts and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic or advancing access and equity for all people, how does your work and data ensure we are creating a world for the better?

If you are concerned about the resilience of your communities and believe in using data to improve outcomes, you are bound to find something of interest at the 2022 Virtual Symposium. This is true whether you are a practitioner or a researcher; whether you are a data analyst, planner, communications specialist, community organizer, manager, philanthropist, epidemiologist; whether you work for a community-based organization, a local government, a foundation, academia, or the media.


Take advantage of this opportunity to hear about the progress being made, and how to put data to work for resiliency and equity for all.

Attend both symposiums at a discounted rate.

Data Symposium 2022, A Future For Good: How Public Data Helps Us Create Resiliency and Equity for All

2022 CIC Symposium, Methods, Metrics, & Measurements for Community Resiliency and Equity for All

May 3 & 4, 2022

May 4 & 5, 2022

APDU & CIC Symposium:

Member Rate: $175

Non-Member Rate: $250

CIC & APDU Symposium:

Member Rate: $175

Non-Member Rate: $250