Advanced Data Visualization Techniques in Tableau


July 11-12, 2019

Arlington, VA


State your case in more memorable ways with powerful, but easy-to-understand data presentations. Provide your users with the freedom to adapt your data in new ways by allowing them to aggregate them in interactive dashboards that answer their immediate questions.

Tableau can help you accomplish your objective, and we can show you how. In this course, you will not just build on your skills in making appropriate graphics: you will also incorporate complex calculations in ways that improve insights, make charts more relevant, and create the most impactful dashboard graphics.

Training Prerequisites:

Skills: Participants must have a basic understanding of how Tableau works before attending this class, including knowledge of Tableau terminology, uploading data, editing data sources, and creating basic charts.

Tools: Laptop, wired mouse, Tableau Desktop (personal, professional, or public version), and Tableau Prep.


Key Bridge Marriott

Pricing Early Bird Pricing
Through June 18, 2019
After June 18, 2019
APDU, C2ER, LMI Institute Premium Organizational Members $ 495 $ 545
APDU, C2ER, LMI Institute Individual & Organizational Members $ 575 $ 625
Non-Members $ 715 $ 765