Statistical Agency Budget Request Update


There have been several interesting developments in budget requests from federal statistical agencies for FY 2017. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Employment and Training Administration have proposed new or revived programs related to employment, job training, apprenticeships and data tools.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has requested $1,577,000 to add an annual supplement to the Current Population Survey. This includes a proposal for the Contingent Worker Supplement (CWS), which would shed light on the extent of temporary employment within different industries over time. Further, they are requesting $3 million for the launch of a new survey of employer-provided training. This survey would return after twenty years the Surveys of Employer-Provided Training (SEPT).

The Employment and Training Administration within the Department of Labor has also introduced new data programs of interest. They have requested $2 billion for the Career Navigators and WIOA Workforce Data Science and Innovation Fund. This program would “[collect] and [make] accessible information about which training programs are leading to strong employment and earnings outcomes and career guidance.” ETA has also requested $10.5 billion for job training programs including the Apprenticeship Training Fund, American Talent Compact, and Opening Doors for Youth. Finally, the Department of Labor has requested an appropriation of $40 million for Workforce Data Quality Initiative, a $30 million increase from FY 2016 to FY 2017.